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Ed Young Devotionals

    Royally Ruined

    Posted on Jun 22, 2021
    Read Amos 7:1-9:15 2 Kings 14:28-29 2 Kings 15:6-29 2 Chronicles 26:22-23 Isaiah 6:1-13 Isaiah 6:5,8, “‘Woe to me!’ I cried. ‘I am ruined! For I am a ...

    Topics: serving, calling, witnessing, servant

    But... Why?

    Posted on Apr 11, 2021
    Read 1 Samuel 9:1-12:25 Think 1 Samuel 9:20-21, "‘...And I am here to tell you that you and your family are the focus of all Israel's hopes.' Saul ...

    Topics: calling, servant

    The Reversal

    Posted on Apr 23, 2019
    Read John 13:8-9, "Peter said to Him, ‘You shall never wash my feet!' Jesus answered him, ‘If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me.' Simon ...

    Topics: serving, servant

    Follow The Leader

    Posted on Apr 13, 2019
    Read Hebrews 13:17, "Obey your spiritual leaders and do what they say. Their work is to watch over your souls, and they are accountable to God. Give ...

    Topics: serving, servant

    The Touch of Love

    Posted on Feb 4, 2019
    Read Psalm 145:16, "You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing." Think "There is much to the touch!" What's the one thing you ...

    Topics: love, servant

    Selfie or Selfless Servant

    Posted on Jun 17, 2018
    Read Matthew 20:28, "For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give His life as a ransom for many."

    Topics: serving, servant

    Servant Leader

    Posted on Jun 1, 2018
    Read John 13:14-15, " Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another's feet. I have set you an example ...

    Topics: serving, servant

    Make Yourself Available

    Posted on Jan 7, 2018
    Read "Be careful then how you live, not as unwise people but as wise, making the most of the time, because the days are evil. So do not be foolish, ...

    Topics: availability, servant