Ed Young Devotionals

    The Struggle is Real

    Posted on Jul 28, 2019


    Job 14:1, “We are all human beings. Our life is short and full of trouble.”


    Have you found yourself constantly having to juggle a lot of struggles in your life? Today’s verse comes from the Bible’s poster child of juggling with struggling — Job. Talk about dealing with difficulties, Job was dealt an extremely hard hand in life with far too many trials and troubles to mention in one sitting. But, the good news is that when all was said and done, God helped him make it through the storms even though when it rained in his life, it poured. Perhaps you’re currently going through a difficult time in your life or you know someone who is. When you add God to the equation, things can start to improve quickly as hope and help replace helplessness and hurtfulness. Job trusted in God, and when he did, God came through in a big way. If you are a human being, you will juggle with struggles, but God's Word promises to help you overcome them all. So, no matter what kind of trouble you are facing, if you trust in God, he will see you through it all.


    Right now, if you need encouragement for whatever struggles you are facing, take a moment and Google “Promises of God”. Write a couple of them down that you really connect with and let the truth of those promises bring you hope and help.


    God, thank you for being a God of promises. Help me right now as I deal with all of the struggles in my life. Just like Job, I want to trust You to guide me through it all. In Jesus name, Amen.

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