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    Passionate Purpose

    Posted on Jan 7, 2019 12:00:00 AM


    Psalm 69:9, "...zeal for your house consumes me..."


    "We're made to have God as our primary passion." Tonight, the University of Alabama and Clemson University face off for the NCAA football national championship. For a few hours, the eyes of the sports world will be on this gridiron game. But if you look closer, you'll notice something else, something that permeates every person in the stadium and the millions watching on television. That "something" is passion. Passion is a great thing because it is a God thing, and he has given it to us. But for just a moment, consider the purpose of passion. Why are we designed to show passion? Could it be more than just cheering on a sports team? The truth is, God wants us to be passionate people. But above everything (even college football), he wants our passion to focus on him. Because when we are passionate about those things God is passionate about, we will experience more than 3 hours of emotion during a football game. We'll discover an entire lifetime of purpose!


    Ask yourself: When it comes to the things of God, am I just as passionate as a college football fan? Am I motivated to cheer God on, to stand up and celebrate his victories? Write down a few things that you are passionate about. Then, pray for God to give you an even bigger passion for those things that he is passionate about.


    God, I know that you have designed me to be passionate. Help me to focus on you and your purposes so that I can discover the true purpose of passion! Amen.

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