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    Guard Your Heart

    Posted on Feb 28, 2021 12:00:00 AM


    Proverbs 4:23, "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."​


    Any Scripture that begins with "above all else" followed by an imperative action should cause us to pay attention. Today's verse does just that! It clearly instructs us to protect our hearts-the seat of ourselves-the navigation system for our thoughts, actions, and desires. If our hearts beat fast for God, we will yield godly results. However, if they are saturated with "self", we get what we bargained for-broken lives devoid of joy. The human heart is prime real estate; it's where Jesus wants to reside. Yet, it's up to us to make our heart His home, to guard it, and to show others what life is all about.When we hear the words from the Bible, there is a range of emotions that we may experience. We may feel mad because we are confronted with some truth we aren't ready to face. We may be sad because we realize the truth of our condition before God. But if we continue to listen to what God's Word says, we will ultimately feel glad. God smiles every time we stop and consider what He thinks before making any consequential decisions. It pleases Him when we show restraint and exhibit self-control. When our priorities align with His Word and we faithfully live within the protective guardrails and guidelines that He's given us, we are intentionally and actively guarding our hearts!If the Living Word of God is stirring an unexpected emotion in you, don't ignore it. Don't fear it. Don't run from it. God wants to do something powerful in your heart. Continue listening to Him, reading His Word, and seeking His understanding. As the Psalmist tells us, His Word will illuminate the direction He wants you to go. Trust in His Power and His Word to guide your life! Matthew 5:8 states, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." By setting our sights on God and seeking His righteousness, we are eliminating the enemy's ability to break in and plunder what isn't his. Purity in thought and action is key to unlocking the door to having deeper intimacy with Christ. Guarding our hearts not only deflects the bad, it ushers in the goodness of God. How great is that!


    How are you guarding your heart "above all else"? Do you have a daily spiritual exercise regimen? Consider these questions while meditating on today's verse. Be open to careful examination, confess all your sins, and delight in giving God the praise and thanks He deserves.


    Father God, I realize that I constantly fall short of your standard of perfection. Yet, with each new day, Your grace abounds. Lead me to pursue Your heart's desires and not my own. Guide me to become a beacon of hope and a path to usher others into the joy of Your presence.

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