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    Posted on Oct 14, 2020 12:00:00 AM


    Psalm 9:1, "I'm thanking You, GOD, from a full heart; I'm writing the book on Your wonders."

    Psalm 9:13, "Be kind to me, GOD; I've been kicked around long enough." (MSG)


    What are you confident in? You are probably confident that when you flip the switch, the light will turn on; when you twist the handle on the kitchen sink, water will flow; when you turn the key in the ignition, the car will start; and when you get onto the highway in the morning, you will hit traffic! We are all confident in certain things because they have shown themselves to be true and consistent. But what about those unforeseen circumstances and incidents that blindside us and rock us to the core? What do we do?

    After a year like 2020, all of us can probably relate to David's words in Psalm 9:13. We've all felt kicked around by life. When things happen that we can't make sense of, we often start questioning God's motives. We think, "How could He let this happen?" But instead of going hysterical, we should go historical and remember how faithful God has been in the past. When we do, it reminds us that, although past experiences may not have turned out the way we expected, God worked through them for our good and His glory. That's what this Psalm and the song FAITHFUL from Fellowship Creative's album, WALLS, is all about.

    David looked back at how faithful God had been, which gave him the hope, power, and confidence he needed. What we cannot see, we have seen before: Jesus never lets us down. The cross didn't stop Him, and the grave couldn't keep Him. He rose in victory, thereby allowing us to do the same. So, no matter what is facing you today, Jesus was, is, and always will be faithful to the end.


    Journal about moments in your past when Jesus brought you through the seemingly impossible. Thank Him for what He's done and going to do. And, if you can't think of any, don't give up! Instead, trust Him and get ready for Him to show you His faithfulness!


    Thank You, Jesus, for Your faithfulness. Be kind to me and hear my prayer. Help me to trust and be faithful to You, that I may see Your faithfulness and bring glory to Your name! Amen.

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