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    Don't Choke!

    Posted on Aug 24, 2019 12:00:00 AM


    Philippians 4:6, "Don't be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."


    A lot of us need to hold our hands up to our necks and show the international sign for choking! Why? Because that word "anxious" means "to choke." Are you choking right now? It could be from busyness, stress, finances, relationships, work, things that are breaking... the list goes on! That's not a fun sentence to even read - but don't worry. Unlike choking on a piece of food, you don't have to just struggle and push to get past this anxiety. Jesus gives us the solution in today's verse: Pray about it! Nothing is too big or too small to bring up in a conversation with Jesus. The Creator of the universe wants to have a conversation with you. So bring it up! But don't only talk about your needs, also talk about how grateful you are for what you already have. Not only will it bring joy to Jesus' heart, but it will also remind you of what he has done and how he is at work in your life.


    A great way to make sure you're balancing your conversation with Jesus is the acrostic PRAY – Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield your will to him. Pick one area for each letter and talk to him about it!


    Jesus, thank you for caring. It's hard to believe that the Creator of the universe cares about me and everything going on in my life. Help me be real in my conversations with you when I feel like I'm choking with anxiety. Help me also remember all the amazing things you've already done in my life and to thank you for them. Amen!

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