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    Critiquing Critique

    Posted on Apr 30, 2022 12:00:00 AM


    Hebrews 13:17, “Trust in your leaders. Put yourself under their authority. Do this, because they keep watch over you. They know they are accountable to God for everything they do.”


    We are all familiar with movie critics, like Rotten Tomatoes, who write up movie reviews of the latest releases. We usually check what critics say before seeing a movie in the theater. That’s because we like to hear the critics’ opinions to determine whether or not it’s worth spending the money to see the movie. We value that critique and trust that it will help us make a good decision.

    Do you value critique in other areas of your life? How about when it comes from your boss, parents, or spouse? Most of us say we want critique until we get critiqued. Our response often differs depending on how the critique is delivered: are they being helpful or do we feel under attack?

    We need to remember criticism tears down, but critique builds up. How do you handle critique from someone in authority over you? Do you pout? Do you want to run and take your ball home? Or, do you accept it and search for the truth in it so that you can improve and grow?

    Don’t let personal pride keep you from receiving valuable input from others. Take the critique to heart and be thankful that God has placed people in your life who speak the truth, even if it sometimes hurts.


    Think of someone you respect and appreciate for their leadership and willingness to critique you. Send them a letter or a text to thank them for how they lead and influence you. Then make a habit of praying for them.


    God, I’m thankful when I receive a critique. Help me always to have the right attitude as I submit to authority and receive the critique. Thank you for continually critiquing me through your Word, the Bible, as I’m constantly reminded to do what’s right. Amen.

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